Graduate School

Sr. Noemi Osias Mapa, A.R., Ed.D. (Dean, Professional Education and Graduate School)
Sr. Noemi Osia Mapa, A.R., Ed.D. (Dean, Professional Education and Graduate School)

The Master of Arts in Education program (MAED) is a graduate program that reinforces students’ understanding of educational theories, concepts, curriculum and instructional techniques in order to further advance in their professional careers. This program enhances teachers’ theoretical and technical knowledge in teaching a specific subject area or professional area, and prepares students for various administrative and supervisory positions in elementary, secondary, post-secondary and vocational programs.

The MAED program gives special emphasis on research and is geared towards equipping students with a variety of tools, techniques and methodologies for conducting, critiquing, and evaluating research in education.

Specialization: Educational Management

Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) is a graduate program designed to prepare professional nurses for teaching, managerial and supervisory roles in healthcare institutions.

In its aim to prepare students for managerial and supervisory roles, the MAN program trains students on the essentials of good leadership and managerial responsibilities so that they will be able to effectively and efficiently operate healthcare organizations and hospitals.

Specialization: Nursing Administration